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WatchDox presents an unparalleled, document-centric security paradigm that provides the access, collaboration and control of documents necessary for media and entertainment organizations to thrive – even after they are downloaded to an untrusted device or by a third party. Rest assured that, with WatchDox, creative collateral and uniquely developed content are assets are always protected and will only be presented to the right people, at the right time, in the right way.

Media and entertainment companies often have geographically distributed teams inside and outside of their immediate organizations collaborating on sensitive intellectual property, such as:

  • Scripts and screenplays
  • Marketing creative
  • Pre-production videos
  • Pre-publication content

In this business, creative integrity and timing are critical to preserve competitive advantage. Leaking or exposing information too soon can be harmful to a media company’s reputation and brand, even potentially resulting in lost revenue.

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Media & entertainment firms benefit from WatchDox in the following ways:

Access and annotate research or transactional documents on BYOD mobile devices on iOS, Android or BlackBerry – drive deals to closure faster.

Deliver contracts for negotiation, securely, regardless of device or platform.

Share, track, and control collateral, scripts and screenplays sent to actors, producers, partners, and colleagues. Limit the ability for users to download, print, forward, edit, copy-paste. Dynamically revoke or expire privileges as business relationships change.