Secure Internal Collaboration

Corporate projects involve sharing documents not only between different company groups and contractors but also between employees in different geographic locations. These documents can contain sensitive HR-related information, product design documents, intellectual property or corporate strategy. If leaked, that business-critical information could result in a serious loss of competitive advantage, public embarrassment, or a compliance violation.

The WatchDox platform uses a unique document-centric security paradigm, enabling organizations to access, share and control documents that contain corporate intellectual property. With WatchDox, enterprise employees can easily use secure Workspaces to upload sensitive documents through their browsers or the WatchDox file sync tool on their PCs. In addition, they can securely access the same documents on their personal smartphones, tablets and PCs. The WatchDox solution enables these use cases and a wide variety of others by balancing superior usability with the control over critical documents organizations require, even when documents are downloaded to a device outside IT’s control.

Secure Internal Collaboration Solutions with WatchDox

  • Access documents from Workspaces on personal mobile devices
  • Share corporate documents with selected groups or individuals through a secure Workspace, allocating granular permissions at the user or group level
  • Share annotations on documents directly from smartphones and tablets
  • Control corporate documents stored on personal mobile devices if the devices go missing