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April 6, 2015 - Are Hollywood Studios Sleeping on Digital Security

WatchDox Chief Technology Officer Adi Ruppin discusses the importance of cyber security throughout Hollywood studios. He speaks with Bloomberg’s Stephanie Ruhle and Brendan Greeley on “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)

April 1, 2015 - Secrecy on the Set: Hollywood Embraces Digital Security

SAN FRANCISCO — For years, Lulu Zezza has played one of the toughest roles in Hollywood.

Ms. Zezza, who has managed physical production on movies like “The Reader” and “Nine,” also oversees the digital security of everything that goes into the making of a film on set, including budgets, casting, shooting schedules and scripts.

December 19, 2014 - How your data will be at risk in 2015

The world of information security is, as we know, a constant arms race between the hackers and cyber criminals and the protection industry.

Since the focus has turned to making money rather than simply causing disruption it’s become big business too.

December 17, 2014 - Snapchat gets a job: Office oopsies no more

Permission is a bygone requisite for today’s tech-savvy employee, with services like Google Drive and Dropbox Inc. providing free file management solutions with remote access via the cloud. Circumventing the traditional top-down method of software approval in the workplace, the cloud’s expansive storage and collaboration tools have slipped out of the control of IT departments to create security concerns over the protection of company data.

November 17, 2014 - WatchDox finds and protects sensitive documents anywhere

With more and more data stored in the cloud or accessed from corporate systems on mobile devices, security and regulation becomes a major concern. Enterprise file sharing specialist WatchDox has announced a new solution to both detect and protect sensitive files everywhere, on every device.

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November 7, 2014 - IT Lessons from iCloud: the increasing need for file-centric security

I don’t need to tell you about the Apple iCloud hack: the lurid details have been exhaustively documented elsewhere.

However, I do want to tell you what your organisation should take away from it: it is critical to think about the security of your information at the file-level, rather than the device level.

Data-centric protection is critically important, particularly in business, and particularly for files …

October 31, 2014 - Should we be concerned about Placemeter – an app which monitors street views from apartment windows?

In Christopher Nolan’s 2008 film The Dark Knight, Batman tracks down the Joker via a controversial technique: he hacks into the mobile phones of unsuspecting citizens to create a comprehensive, real-time, 3D surveillance map of Gotham City and its residents. His tech specialist, Lucius Fox, agrees to help him – but warns Batman that he has gone too far, and declares his resignation.

Now a …

October 30, 2014 - New App Delivers ‘Up-to-the-Minute’ Info on NYC Through Live-Streaming

There’s a new app that says it can make your city a better place to live.

Placemeter collects and delivers “up-to-the-minute” information such as how crowded a place is, how long the wait is and whether it will be more or less crowded in the next hour. The firm insisted it does not store such information and that its analysis lacks facial recognition software.

Read …

October 30, 2014 - What’s your password backup plan?

By Ryan Kalember

After news broke earlier this month that hackers had gotten their hands on nearly 7 million Dropbox login credentials, the familiar media chorus of password safety tips soon followed. You likely saw the headlines: “How to Change Your Dropbox Password”. “It’s Time to Enable Two-Step Authentication on Everything”. “Never Ever Reuse Your Passwords”.

It’s not that good password hygiene isn’t important. Enabling …

October 27, 2014 - Discussion Point: Is the Cloud Really Secure?

Cloud computing is on the rise, but with it comes new fears about data security. Cybercriminals are always looking for an in, so cloud services constantly need to stay ahead of potential vulnerabilities.

Nothing has driven that point home more than a flurry of recent high-profile breaches. But because cloud computing comes with many advantages, including cost, ease and convenience, companies have an incentive to …

October 23, 2014 - 5 big challenges facing CIOs and IT leaders in 2015 (part 1)

mrc’s Cup of Joe Blog Save money, time, and increase business productivity

by Joe Stangarone

Summary: As business technology goes through a fundamental shift, the role of the CIO is changing. In the coming years, CIOs will face new challenges and take on new roles. The most successful CIOs are those that recognize and adapt to these changes. In this article, we explore 5 such …

October 10, 2014 - Here’s What Happens When Employees BYOD

By Kelly Bilodeau

Security-related headaches around BYOD may make users want to BYOB.

That’s what you can conclude from a new survey that shows organizations with bring your own device (BYOD) policies have twice the number of security concerns as other organizations.

“BYOD introduces a variety of potential risks from security and policy perspectives, as well as end-user privacy,” said Eugene Liderman, director of the …

October 7, 2014 - Mobile Collaboration Meets Compliance

By Lori Castle, Editor in Chief

Gamma Medica, developer of advanced digital molecular imaging technologies for the detection of breast cancer, needed a way to securely share and collaborate on its intellectual property (IP), financial information and clinical data with external parties.

The company chose an enterprise file-sync-and-share (EFSS) solution from WatchDox, and can now safely provide investors, vendors and partners with real-time access to …

September 29, 2014 - Feds Issue Red-Flag Advisory on Escalating Insider Threats

Tara Seals US/North America News Reporter, Infosecurity Magazine

It’s not a newsflash that insider threats are among the biggest concerns that businesses have, in the era of distributed networks, cloud services and enterprise mobility. Those fears appear to be justly founded: FBI and the Department of Homeland Security are warning of a heightened danger of insider threats to cybersecurity, stemming from disgruntled and/or former employees.

“The FBI …

September 29, 2014 - Insider Threat Incidents Increasing at Businesses, Warns IC3

The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) is advising companies to take a look inside as they consider security threats.

According to IC3, a recent review of FBI cyber-investigations revealed victimized businesses suffer significant losses due to cyber-incidents involving disgruntled or former employees. The losses in the incidents ranged from $5,000 to $3 million, with factors such as the value of stolen data to legal …

September 29, 2014 - What Makes a Visionary… Visionary?

Plenty has been written about visionary leadership over the years, but perhaps my favorite quote comes from 18th century Irish writer Jonathan Swift: “Vision is the art of seeing things invisible.” As the CEO of a technology business, this is exactly how I encourage all of my teams to think — anticipate what customers need before they know they need it. Figure out …

September 18, 2014 - Gamma Medica Leverages WatchDox for Secure Collaboration with External Partners

Proquest LLC

WatchDox said that Gamma Medica is using WatchDox to securely share and collaborate on its intellectual property (IP), financial information and clinical data with external parties.

In its release, the Company said that with WatchDox, Gamma Medica can safely provide investors, vendors and partners with real-time access to mission-critical information via desktop and mobile devices, while maintaining control over the files wherever they …

September 16, 2014 - EMC Revenue At Risk In $10 Billion Document Security Market

Peter Cohan – Contributor

Should investors be worried that EMC lost a bid to sell its document protection software to a big buyer of its storage hardware? Surely such revenue represents a tiny proportion of its total — after all data storage hardware remains its biggest source of revenue and profit. But with the law of small numbers on its side and a market-leading technology, …

September 15, 2014 - Apple Watch: All Hype Or Some Hope For Healthcare?

Eric Wicklund | mHealth News 

Apple unveiled its eagerly-anticipated Watch on Tuesday and some mHealth experts are already saying it is just another smartwatch — albeit one with tremendous potential to legitimize the market.  Calling it “the most personal device we’ve ever created,” Apple CEO Tim Cook explained that it is a combination health and fitness tracker, walkie-talkie and Apple TV remote. “Because …

September 8, 2014 - What enterprises can learn from the iCloud celebrity photo hack

Ryan Kalember, WatchDox

Following the recent discovery that the very personal photos of numerous female celebrities had been stolen and posted online, Apple is rushing to strengthen security for its popular iCloud service. But, the question remains whether or not these measures will be enough to protect users’ private information — and whether enterprise users should be using these services at all.

However, a key …