Hybrid Cloud File Sharing and Storage

WatchDox offers a hybrid cloud deployment option for businesses and enterprises looking to deploy WatchDox in a dedicated private cloud environment. The hybrid cloud solution provides an enterprise the security controls found in the on premise deployment option and the flexibility in deferring the operational costs to a 3rd-party.

WatchDox hybrid cloud solution provides strict security layer for protecting, controlling and tracking sensitive documents, no matter where they go. Only WatchDox can deliver every level of security that enterprises require, from the strictest controls for their most sensitive IP to a highly usable, consumer-like experience for the average user. Other features included with hybrid deployment:

  • The ability to view, annotate and edit synched files from any device
  • Internal and external collaboration features to work securely with anyone without losing control of enterprise data
  • Complete tracking to see who accesses their files, and what they do with them

Other Deployment Options

The need for enterprise deployment flexibility is critical for global companies – some have embraced the cloud, while others demand an on premise instance that they can control. The WatchDox platform is the only one that provides all three deployment options with the flexibility to migrate between each over time.

The cloud model reduces complexity, cost and allows unparalleled scalability and everywhere access. WatchDox also offers private cloud and virtual appliance solutions to certain government organizations and large enterprises that may need to adhere to specific guidelines and regulations.

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