Document Security for Media and Entertainment

In the entertainment industry, you often have geographically distributed teams inside and outside the organization collaborating on sensitive media projects. The potential leaks to movie scripts, creative assets, videos and studio content is high and a growing concern for media companies. Exposing information too soon can be harmful to a company’s reputation and brand, resulting in loss of millions of dollars in revenue. But protecting copyrighted content can be challenging without the right tools.

WatchDox by BlackBerry offers media companies an unparalleled, document-centric security solution that allows users to securely access and collaborate on content. With WatchDox, protecting your creative intellectual property is easy. Files and documents stored and shared online are continuously protected on any device, at any time – even after it has been downloaded to an untrusted device or to a third party.

Content Management

Securely manage production content, scripts and other creative assets in a centralized location for easy access. Files and documents are fully encrypted the moment they are upload into WatchDox. Remote teams can easily access, edit and share data from any device without worrying about data-leaks.

Strict Controls and Tracking

Documents and other data protected by WatchDox can only be viewed by authorized individuals. Administrators have full control of who can access and interact with media content. Set permissions and restrictions to download, print, edit copy, forward – even revoke or wipe files and documents from recipient devices.


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