Security that follows your files anywhere

Secure document gateway

Cyber attacks will happen. Your network will be compromised. But none of your security tools (firewalls, IPS systems, access controls, etc.) actually apply any protection to what you care about the most — your data itself. The WatchDox by BlackBerry secure document gateway is your last line of defense.

How It Works

WatchDox applies security to documents going from multiple sources (SharePoint, file shares) to multiple destinations (internal users, external users) and devices (PC, Mac, mobile devices). WatchDox can apply advanced digital rights management (DRM) to such files that can restrict how the documents are used (no copy/paste, print, forward), put in place persistent tracking over the documents’ whereabouts, and even allow wiping out of documents when needed.


WatchDox capabilities include:


Protect files wherever they are

  • Automatically protect documents as they leave SharePoint, file servers and other repositories
  • Apply document controls based on user, location or DLP classification

Apply access and DRM controls

  • Control who has access to documents by user, by group, by role
  • Apply cross-platform DRM controls to restrict certain operations: download, edit, copy/paste, print, forward
  • Integrate with enterprise Active Directory and identity management systems

Set file expiration

  • Set expiration for documents
  • Wipe out documents at any time – even after they had been downloaded or shared

Track files

  • Track documents at all times.
  • Know who’s accessing your files, what they’re doing with them, and where

Integrate into security management

  • Integrate with enterprise active directory and identity management
  • Automatically apply controls to documents based on DLP classification
  • Work with enterprise log management/SIEM to audit all document usage